On Saturday, August 10, 2019, LAUGH will be hosting the 5th annual LOL 5k in Texas Corners. The course will feature a run through our busy Saturday morning ‘Fresh on Q’ farmer’s market, through the corners and the beautiful Applegate neighborhood community. Loaded with live music, spirit stations, and great food, the race is open to men, women, and children! Join us for our Little LOL, a kids’ fun run Friday evening, August 9, 2019. From the novice to the elite, it is our sincere hope the LOL 5k will continue to build and support a strong Texas Corners Community.



In 2015, LAUGH celebrated its 5th season by hosting the LOL 5k. We wanted to give back to our community and invest in the development and growth of the Texas Township Trail System. It was determined the event proceeds would benefit our LAUGH programming and the Texas Township Parks and Trails. The race was not only an amazing and fun event, but it was extremely successful! With over 500 participants, 100 volunteers, and the strong support of our sponsors, to date we have been able to give the Texas Township Parks and Trails $13,500.00.

An investment with the LOL 5k will also support the enthusiastic and active group of LAUGH. LAUGH, Ladies Actively Understanding Godly Health, was created seven years ago by a few women with a desire to share in their quest for full health. Through the years, LAUGH has touched the lives of over 2,000 women. Not many programs match the energy, emotion, and sense of accomplishment that LAUGH offers. We take pride in offering each woman a place for her pace. Learn more at LAUGHinc.net.